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Product Development

WBM throughout his extensive experience in the design and development of products, has the confidence and ability to realize any idea you may face in a real product.

With over 20 years of experience in the design and development of innovation products and automation of industrial processes, working closely in the design and development of product with the engineering departments of the most prestigious manufacturers of household appliances in Europe, we are able to offer a high quality service that meets any requirement you can ask.
We will be happy to turn their dreams into reality.

Practical case

The client’s idea was to develop an oral cleaning device that was a major step forward in regard to the current prior art.

The design of WBM consisted in merge a single apparatus a sonic toothbrush and an oral irrigator. This apparatus allows a single pass cleaning of the exterior and interior of the upper side, and irrigate the tooth necks and interdental spaces at the same time.