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Purchase Management

WBM offers services of purchasing management adapted to the needs of its customers. Always ensuring a reduction of its current price of purchase, even if you are buying in China. All this with the comfort of working with a company to realize the management of shopping for you, with experience in the management and negotiation with Chinese manufacturers, broad technical knowledge of product and process, with physical presence in origin and also who can communicate in their own language.

We will be pleased to receive your inquiries, study the feasibility of the project and present the best way to address it.


Feasibility study

Based on customer needs, we analyze the basic parameters of the project to determine the feasibility of the process at the international level.
Basic parameters of the project:

  • Logistics: lots, frequency of delivery, weight / volume, transportation cost…
  • Customs / legal: tariffs, import restrictions, tariff preferences…
  • Technical means and production: production, production capacity, quality requirements / certifications…
Evaluation and selection of suppliers

Throughout his extensive experience, WBM has developed an extensive network of suppliers where the following specialties:

  • Aluminum Rolled
  • Aluminium Extrusion
  • Aluminium Composite
  • Aluminium Machining and Assemblies
  • Aluminium injected, Zamak
  • Extrusion Dies, Injection Molds and Tooling
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Turned and milled parts
  • Plastic molding
  • PVC Extrusion
  • Crystal. Toughened, laminated, reflective, low emissivity, insulation, flame resistant, curved.
  • Electronic Components and Assemblies.
  • Screens and LED Lighting
We handle export of several aluminium manufacturers in Spanish speaking countries. If you are interested in aluminum products, you can visit our website

Terms negotiation

Negotiations are based on the conditions specified by the client, and the ultimate selection of a supplier will depend on the negotiated terms.

Every negotiation must take into account various key technical, financial and logistical issues to produce the quote that best aligns itself with the customer’s needs.

Order tracing through manufacturing, quality and logistics

Our specialised professionals in the field work closely with the manufacturer’s production and quality departments to develop manufacturing and quality control strategies.

WBM traces the order through each stage to make sure that the established delivery dates and quality standards are met.

Continued support. Supplier relations management

WBM offers continued support by offering the following value-added services:
  • After sales dealings with the manufacturer
  • Assistance on visits to suppliers
  • Improvement of terms
  • Order scheduling
  • Contract negotiations
  • Analysis and development of new projects